Free VoIP Assessment

We would like to offer your business a FREE VoIP Assessment. This helps determine if 3CX can deliver the cost savings without sacrificing call quality, dependability and the features you require.

In most cases, we save our clients between 30% to 80%. However, there may be other costs like upgrading your Internet connection, that should be known prior to moving to 3CX.  Other VoIP vendors mainly talk about saving money on your phone bill to distract you from hidden fees and charges. We show you the complete and true picture of all costs factored in and not just your telco bill savings.

Every office and network is different. It is therefore critical that you get a thorough assessment of your entire network. This includes your Internet bandwidth, latency, firewall, the volume of calls and the features you need. This is why it is important to run tests in YOUR specific environment. Moreover, testing ensures you will not experience garbled sound, dropped calls, echoes and other VoIP specific issues.

We do a complete analysis of your current connection to determine if you truly have sufficient bandwidth to operate a VoIP system without issues. In addition,  we comb through every feature you need and show you ones you never knew existed to help you better handle inbound calls from customers and clients.

There is no cost or obligation to purchase anything when you request the Free VoIP Assessment. What you will gain is greater clarity on what your options are and whether or not the 3CX phone system is right for you.

To claim your free VoIP Assessment appointment, click on the SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION widget

DVGVoIP is 3CX Advanced Certified and a 3CX Silver Level Canadian Partner. We expertly deploy business-grade VoIP solutions accessible from any device.  This allows our customers to save money, maximize productivity and seamlessly collaborate and work from anywhere.  We remotely serve businesses nationwide and provide on-site technical support in Northern Western Ontario and beyond.